note from an ugly girl

What if my eyes were smaller? What if my nose was bigger than it is? What if my skin tone goes beyond dark? What if, I go bald?

Appearance matters. Our face and our body have importance. But the question is, how far does it take us? Will it stop us from achieving? Will it hamper our growth and refrain us from success.

How will it affect us?

Being  19 now, when I am as mature as I was immature when I was 9 , when I see things through an adult’s eyes, when I actually analyse things before believing them; I came up to a conclusion about the importance of appearance in one’s life.

I take my life as a journey that has turnings. I believe that every turning has something new to teach me. And yes its about the teachings of my last turning that has brightened my path so well that also in the coldest of times, I could see well even when the fog( the immaterial fancies) covers my eyes.

When you realize that there’s nothing called fairness creme or beauty creme, no slim belts can give you a perfect body and you won’t ever have that pretty face that television shows you, all you have is genes, whose bad combinations gave you your face and body that you will have to carry all your life.

After all this realizations what do you conclude? You will find your inner self running around to find acceptance from people.

Am I ugly? Am I not pretty? After perfect liner, lipstick and other coatings; will they accept me?

The question of acceptance is phrased by the question of appearance.

I look at the mirror, where my eyes could actually see the image of itself? The reflection was more active than  me. It asked me, “am I your appearance?”The real me, the alive me,  ME,  thought for a moment and answered “No!, you are just a reflection.”

My talk with my reflection took me to a deeper meaning, that actually gave a correct meaning to appearance.

Appearance is not about how our eyes, nose, lips or body looks . It is about how we as individuals look. An individual’s looks are defined by their value systems, morals and the amount of acceptance the individual gave to herself. No one will accept you, unless you accept yourself.

There is no universal  perfect meaning for ugly or pretty. Accept yourself. Believe that the what you have, is the best and the prettiest. Respect what you have because you have the perfect eyes, nose, lips hair, face. Your body is perfect. No one can drag you down.

Everyone is beautiful. We can bring a match between what we are and what we want to be, if it is about our looks, as what we have is perfection. Respect your body as it is unique. Everyone is perfect, as perfection is what we are. Now when we know we have a pretty face and a good body ,all we have to add in ourselves is beauty element to it. The beauty element will only come if we try to improve ourselves in terms of values and morals.

If  we with our perfect features come up with value systems,there will be no question of acceptance and appearance. Our appearance can be best only if we accept our appearance and then it won’t stop us from achieving anything.

**I have the perfect eyes, nose, lips , hair and body. **

P.S. Thank You 🙂




Facing myself

wonderous life, it seems

when you just dream

eyes closed

harsh realities aside

happiness all around…

my life, my imagination

my story,

I am the author,

I decide,

I write,

the story of my life.

but what if…

things go wrong

unlike the melody of a happy song

dark clouds everywhere

shooting its heavy drops

targeting the beautiful words of mine

fading its ink

redefining my life

what if things go wrong

against my dream.


I am the author of my life

my mind, my thoughts are stronger than those rain drops

those drops can fade away my words

but my will, will create new stories

as it is all about the story of my life.