If you could see

We all our doing something. Something that urges us to do something else and that makes us do something and gradually it depends upon our first something that we end up with the right thing or the wrong thing. So what are we actually doing?

There is no one in this world who can actually tell where our something takes us.

We have to move, walk forward, pave our own ways and live our life.

In between all this if immaterial things start hampering your vision. Your ambitious brain starts tangling itself in its own veins. Your conscience start ignoring your soul. All you can see is a million paradoxes. What will you do?

Immaterial things are material in a long term perspective as it opens our third eye showing us a bigger and a wider range of materialistic fancies that might bring a traffic jam in the flow of our life.

It is better to experience such mess once in our life. When I was through it… I thought my “something” is the wrong doer. But let me tell you.. your “something ” is the best possible thing that can happen to you. As it is you who decide what might come next in your life. If the next scene of your life is bad, you were the one who decided it, you can correct it a million times and if it is good, then you know how to make it better and the best!

Love yourself and your decisions and surely your “right” something or your “wrong” something will lead you to a  new start where you will always get a second chance!

PS: If  you could see!


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