if emotions were a question!

I think about it, my eyes deny,

I want to know about it, my soul doesn’t even try!

If emotions were a question,

I would have asked WHY?

Emotions bring in soul to our bodies,

ohh yes!! that’s the reason we think, we smile, we frown, we cry!

but now the life has turned emotions to questions

for every feelings we ask why??

now the world has turned emotion less

all we have is people fakery dressed

it is because of the questions asked

why is our emotions being masked!

I ask myself

but I am biased

because I am not myself.

I  am left behind

behind the questions I ask about my emotions

my smile is a lie, my tears a lie

all I can express is a vague try

to know myself

I have been digging around

Questions is all what I found.

I wish I could pause this world,

no more emotions,

no more  questions.

All  I want is to put forward my unbiased expression,

to tell you that emotions are not meant to be questioned!


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