Stepping out of Oneself

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Why do we have a boundary?

A boundary that limits us to ourselves.

Why can’t we come out of the “ME” world?

Why can’t we see and believe the things which are visible to us ?

Why are we running, fighting, killing our own people just to justify and prove the invisible things whose existence is not even known to us?

These questions are getting on my nerves. My nerves are actually wrapping up my body, taking away my breath and my lovely sleep.

Like WHYYYY?????

Okayyyy!! ( The repetition of letters  is to basically show the intensity of my frustration. I literally have no idea about the content coming up. All I know is a million questions for which I need answers.)

When I relate things like that of world wars, ISIS, Paris attack and all such things, a white flash light covers up my head instantly and shows me a picture of OUR mother Earth.

It is so strange. We have so many things beyond us, so much of mysteries, so much of science, so much history. But we humans are stuck in  between ourselves, digging out our own identity in want of things which has no meaning and existence.

Everything is so damn big, the Earth, the universe, like we are nothing except an organized piece of flesh in front of it, still we carry so much of weight in our temporary mortal bodies called EGO, PRIDE and GREED.


We fight for it, we take lives for it, we challenge nature for it and end up with nothing.

Our face, our beauty, our ego is immaterial in the reality.

Why are we materializing these things??

Why can’t we just smile, live with brotherhood and humanity?

I am still wrapped up in my nerves, I am still confused, I am still clueless about the answers.

I started writing with questions and I’ll end up asking a question.

Maybe my 18 year old brain is way too inquisitive or maybe I am just too slow…








4 thoughts on “Stepping out of Oneself

  1. Your deep thoughts tempted me to comment “Dayum, That’s deep”.
    But I’m not gonna be so informal
    So, I rephrase “Miss you spellbounded me”


  2. You are blessed to have a disturbed soul searching for its own path and destiny. Seek, you will find.Knock, the door will be opened.Ask, you will be given. I am sure that you will end up winning the biggest war, war against your own ego and then onwards you will rule over human souls like an empress. Lucku to be connected with you

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